Friday, February 4, 2011

Hearts Made by Marie Antoinette Members

My link didn't work yesterday and I really wanted to share some of the hearts made by the ladies in the Marie Antoniette Mail Art Swap Group, so here they are for you to drool over.
I have also included the pattern that was given by the head Queen Marie. The measurements for this pattern are 9" wide by 6" tall. The pattern says to cut only one but you will need one for the front and one for the back. They don't have to be the same fabric. You could even layer fabric then lace together. I am sure you could make it bigger, if you like.
I love how the first one has buttons tied to the ends of the ribbon. Each of these have a Paris theme but you could theme your heart from the place where you met your Valentine or you honeymooned, maybe even a place that you have been dreaming of taking a special trip and include tickets to that place inside. How nice would that be. Mine would be the south of France. I want to go there to paint and eat. It's nice to dream.

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