Monday, May 10, 2010

Cute and Easy Bird House

A friend of mine lost her mother recently and when she was cleaning out her house, I asked if I could take one of the old cracker tins home. She looked at me a little puzzled but was thrilled that it was one more thing she didn't have to haul away. Well, I had a plan for that little tin.

Her mother loved her garden and birds in it. So have turned the cracker tin into a bird house to honor her. I'm going to drop it off at Pam's front door this week. I think she will be very surprised to see what I have done with it.

To make the birdhouse I simple used my favorite tool, the Dremel, and put two hole in top of each side. Then I used the same tool to cut a circle down at the bottom. This was a little harder.

I need to practice my circles. Then I hot glued an old spoon from the Goodwill in the hole so the birds will have a stand. To make the hanger, I used wire and odd beads that I had on hand. I thought it came out pretty cute.