Saturday, July 2, 2011


This is one of the newest boxes that I have created. I am calling it a "Blessing Box" It has a hole cut in the top where you can drop little notes in it. You can simple write down your Blessing or the things that you are grateful for and drop them in. We bank and count our money but how many times do we take the time to bank or count our Blessings? Also one side of the box has a mirror to remind us to reflect on the Grace that is given to us by God everyday. The other side has a silver spoon to remind us that we should replenish our souls with goodness and give to others. I think I will create another one for my kitchen and occasionally bring it to the dinner table and see how quickly my family can fill it. I'm betting it won't take long before we'll need a second box for we are blessed with wonderful family and friends alone.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Lovely Fairy house

This would be a great location for a fairy to hide out in a rain storm.

D. is very proud of her fairy bunny.

Fairy bunnies all in a row.

Last week was the first week of summer camp at East Roswell Park. I started my summer camps off by teaching one of my favorite camps, FAIRY CAMP. Most would think this camp is all about becoming a fairy but it's all about how to attract fairies to your garden. I teach the girls over 50 facts about fairies. We start the week by creating a wind chime full of shiny things and bells so that fairies can easily find their backyards. Then we created Fairy Bunnies. We created their wings from wire and tissue paper. We ended the week by creating a house for the Fairies to live in. Each day we took a walk in the woods to collect item to build these houses. You wouldn't believe how imaginative these little minds can be.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Newest Obsession with Embroidery

For some time now I have been following a blog called a "Bird in the Hand" . This lady creates the most wonderful fabric collages. She has been published in several of my favorite magazines. They are just little pieces of cloth that make me happy. They reminded me of all the sewing stitches that Grandmother taught me years ago so I decided to get my embroidery hoop out and get busy. As usual I went a little over board with it.
Now I can stop. Above are a few of the ones that I have created. Most of them are created from vintage lace, linens and fabrics I found in Grandmother's sewing basket.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Portrait workshop

Over the week-end I attended a Portrait workshop at the Spruill Art Center in Dunwoody by Summer Lowe. It was pretty costly but it fit my schedule and I really want to learn more about portrait painting. I figured how much can you really learn in a five hour workshop, right? Well, this woman was amazing. She broke down each step of painting into such basic steps that even some beginner students came out with some amazing portraits. I choose this picture of my mom because it had a lot of lights and darks to work from and it's an amazing picture of her.

I photographed each step as I went along in the workshop. I think the pictures do a better job explaining the process than words can. i can't wait to share this process with my art chix on a Friday.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Something New to Paint On.

My mother has been painting on furniture for years but I've never tried my hand at it until now.
I found a few piece at a yard sale and well this is how it came out. They are currently for sale at the Elegant Attic in Roswell.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Royal Wedding Crafting

During the Royal Wedding the Art Chix and I were busy crafting away. Here are in our Fancy Hats and Tea Cups

What were we crafting, we were crafting these special little boxes made from large match boxes.
We've all decided to use them as gift boxes for Mother's day. Of course I couldn't make just one I had to make about 10. If you think you need one you can pick one up at the Boardwell Cottage or send me an email.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beading Fit for a Queen

I have an art friend name, Marcy, she refers to herself as, "THE QUEEN". She is just one of those people when you meet her that you know you're going to just love her and want to be her best friend. We have shared blogging together and have created together a few time but OMG, not in a million years did I ever imagine that I was in the company of such greatness.
I was visiting her blog today and look at what I found. She created this wonderful thing. Of course it took her over two months but can you believe it. I would never have the patience to work on one project that long. I have suggested that she send photos into some of the bead magazine to have it published and then send it to a fancy gallery in New York.
Let's just say dear Queen, I am bowing at your creation.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


There are days when a Mom just has to brag a little, especially when you have a kid that was born completely deaf. You set certain goals for him and well, you just can't set them high enough because he keeps Jumping over those goals so that he can reach even higher goals he has set for himself.

Yesterday was the JROTC 2011 Awards Ceremony at F's high school. He decided on his own last year to join this program. At this Awards Ceremony he was awarded 9 different ribbons to wear on his uniform for things like attendance, personal appearance, athletics, cadet challenges, good conduct, raider's team and academic achievements. But the most impressive part of the ceremony came at the end when several National Awards were handed out. F was the only freshman to receive a national award. He was awarded the Emry-Riddle award for outstanding performance in academics, leadership and cadets corps activities as a first year JROTC cadet.

This award came with a beautiful shiny metal to be worn on his uniform. I don't know who was more proud, me or him. His face was just glowing with pride. We are so proud of him and the man he is turning into.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Queen's Mirror Swap

Remember that last month I was busy creating a hand mirror for one of my art swaps? I sent my mirror off to my partner and have now received my mirror back. Just take a look at it, isn't it just lovely? It was created by Sarah. She writes a wonderful blog called . It is full of all types of vintage stuff, just up my alley.
I sure if she lived in the Atlanta area we would have blast creating together. Thanks Sarah creating such a treasure.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Winners of my Give-A-Way

I let the Queen Art Chix choose the four winner for my Alpha Stamps Blog Hop Give-a-way.
She was very happy to have a special role in such a special day. Thanks to all the wonderful
Alpha Stampers who visited me last Saturday and left such lovely comments.

The winners are as follows:
Pretty Ragged Threads
Please send me your addresses and I'll get your prizes out to your right away.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Happy Saturday Alpha Stampers and thanks for visiting. I've already visited half your blogs this morning and I am very honored to be a part of such a wonderfully talented group of people.

I currently have 4 differnent Stationery sets in stock and would like for four lucky visitors to win today. Great odds, don't you think. All you have to do is leave a comment today and sign up as a follower. I'll be drawing for my prizes on Wednesday, April 6th. Good Luck and have a great time hopping from Blog to blog.

You can see my stationery sets above, they are all created from my original watercolors. I have a site for just my watercolors and stationery if your not to tried already.

You don't have to be a Alpha Stamper to leave a comment or entry to winner, I love all comments and followers.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


One of my favorite blogs to follow is a "Bird in the Hand".

This Lady's sewing techique is very inspiring to me. She takes a little bit of this and a little bit of that and puts together these wonderful little creations that just make you smile. Something about her work makes me feel close to my grandmother, who taught me to sew. This week I was so inspired by one of her post that I pulled out all my favorite antique laces, old fabrics and got busy creating a my own little creations to make others smiles.

These beautiful tea towels are handmade of linen fabric and are almost 40 inches long. I hate a skimpy tea towel. All of the lace on them are from my collection of vintage laces, some of the fabric is even vintage. The images are either my own watercolors paintings or images I have collected over time. There are only 6 towels and each towel is a unique piece of art. After this week they will be going into the Boardwell Cottage but you can purchase them directly from me for only $24.95.

By the way I hope they are making you smile.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quarterly Ribbon/Cloth Flower Swap

My flowers for this Quarter's Swap

Something special for Terri, our hostess.

Joanne's Ribbon Shop at Lakewood 400

Some of Joanne's Flowers

Joanne's Ribbon Shop at Lakewood 400

It's time again for the Quarterly Ribbon/Cloth flower Swap in Marie Anntoinette Mail Art Group.

This is one of my favorite swaps to participate in. I also love to purchase my ribbon from my favorite place. It's a little shop at a monthly antique market , I am not even sure if it has a name, all I know is that a very sweet lady named Joanne owns it. She also has an etsy store.

She has the most amazing ribbons. Most of the ribbons are vintage and she hand dyes them. When ever I visit her, her hands are stained many colors. My children hate to go with me because I spend way to much time visiting with her and dreaming in the shop. Just take a look at the pictures and you'll see why.

The first picture is of my flowers made for the swap the quarter with Joanne's ribbon. I have been using a book she recommended, RIBBONWORK, The Complete Guide. So many projects so little time. The second picture is of a little ribbon work I did for our swap host, Terri.

Let me now what you think.