Saturday, July 2, 2011


This is one of the newest boxes that I have created. I am calling it a "Blessing Box" It has a hole cut in the top where you can drop little notes in it. You can simple write down your Blessing or the things that you are grateful for and drop them in. We bank and count our money but how many times do we take the time to bank or count our Blessings? Also one side of the box has a mirror to remind us to reflect on the Grace that is given to us by God everyday. The other side has a silver spoon to remind us that we should replenish our souls with goodness and give to others. I think I will create another one for my kitchen and occasionally bring it to the dinner table and see how quickly my family can fill it. I'm betting it won't take long before we'll need a second box for we are blessed with wonderful family and friends alone.