Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beading Fit for a Queen

I have an art friend name, Marcy, she refers to herself as, "THE QUEEN". She is just one of those people when you meet her that you know you're going to just love her and want to be her best friend. We have shared blogging together and have created together a few time but OMG, not in a million years did I ever imagine that I was in the company of such greatness.
I was visiting her blog today and look at what I found. She created this wonderful thing. Of course it took her over two months but can you believe it. I would never have the patience to work on one project that long. I have suggested that she send photos into some of the bead magazine to have it published and then send it to a fancy gallery in New York.
Let's just say dear Queen, I am bowing at your creation.


The Charm House said...

Thanks for posting! She has another piece up now that she created for a wedding that is beautiful!
Have a great day!

Jenny Gropp said...

Marcy out did herself with this one!! It'a simply amazing!!!