Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quarterly Ribbon/Cloth Flower Swap

My flowers for this Quarter's Swap

Something special for Terri, our hostess.

Joanne's Ribbon Shop at Lakewood 400

Some of Joanne's Flowers

Joanne's Ribbon Shop at Lakewood 400

It's time again for the Quarterly Ribbon/Cloth flower Swap in Marie Anntoinette Mail Art Group.

This is one of my favorite swaps to participate in. I also love to purchase my ribbon from my favorite place. It's a little shop at a monthly antique market , I am not even sure if it has a name, all I know is that a very sweet lady named Joanne owns it. She also has an etsy store.

She has the most amazing ribbons. Most of the ribbons are vintage and she hand dyes them. When ever I visit her, her hands are stained many colors. My children hate to go with me because I spend way to much time visiting with her and dreaming in the shop. Just take a look at the pictures and you'll see why.

The first picture is of my flowers made for the swap the quarter with Joanne's ribbon. I have been using a book she recommended, RIBBONWORK, The Complete Guide. So many projects so little time. The second picture is of a little ribbon work I did for our swap host, Terri.

Let me now what you think.

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cmoh said...

I once purchased from her, she was at a stamping convention. Her ribbons are scrumpitous! Checked out her Etsy store and it's empty :( I would so buy from her if I could.

Love your MAMA flowers, I need to learn how to make those so I can play too. I simply love the orange toned one!