Sunday, June 19, 2011


Lovely Fairy house

This would be a great location for a fairy to hide out in a rain storm.

D. is very proud of her fairy bunny.

Fairy bunnies all in a row.

Last week was the first week of summer camp at East Roswell Park. I started my summer camps off by teaching one of my favorite camps, FAIRY CAMP. Most would think this camp is all about becoming a fairy but it's all about how to attract fairies to your garden. I teach the girls over 50 facts about fairies. We start the week by creating a wind chime full of shiny things and bells so that fairies can easily find their backyards. Then we created Fairy Bunnies. We created their wings from wire and tissue paper. We ended the week by creating a house for the Fairies to live in. Each day we took a walk in the woods to collect item to build these houses. You wouldn't believe how imaginative these little minds can be.

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Jane Jeffress Thomas said...

I so love this idea. My youngest granddaughter lives too far away for me to do something like this with her. My two little great granddaughters are too small just yet. Also, one is in Germany for two more years until her dad comes back stateside in the military. I hope before I die I can make some fairy things with the little ones. delightful!!!