Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Antique Collages

Last week I taught a talented group of young girls different collage techiques at my collage camp through our local Recreations and Parks. One of the projects that I enjoyed the most were antique collages. We began by gathering old family photos. We took different types of paper, such as old sheet music, books and watercolor paper, then we soaked them in coffee over night to make them look old.

To build our collage we began with a 11x14 piece of cardboard that we tore to make look old. We then began to add the layers of coffee soaked papers ( they had been dried) and the photo on the top. We completed the collage by bringing it all together with vintage ribbon and lace that I had been saving. The two that I have posted are of my mother as a child and my dear Aunt Dot, when she was living in Pensacola Beach, Fl.

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